Fund raising by the Irish Guards Singers
Irish Guards

Fund raising by the Irish Guards Singers

We raise funds for selected charities and support charity events.

If you are interested in in working with us on charity events please email the Irish Guards Singers at

Example of our fund raising

The Irish Guards played outside Morrisons in Widnes, the letter below was received from after the event and sums up the event perfectly:

Dear John,

I just thought I`d drop you a line to say how much my partner and I enjoyed listening to your group singing and playing earlier today, 17th Oct, in Widnes. In these troubled times for so many people, not least our brave men and women engaged in operations far from these shores, it was so inspirational to see the activities of your fine group of people. Having listened to you all for 10 minutes or so, I looked around at all the other people listening and every single one of them had beaming smiles upon their faces.

Your group were actively encouraging audience participation and all ages were eagerly joining in. It was an absoloute breath of fresh air to see so many people of different ages and backgrounds having so much fun and being entertained.

The government has all sorts of people trying to bridge the age gap and invent schemes to encourage greater community spirit. I think they would be well advised to spend a few days at your concerts as they epitomise all that is good within communities.

I hope your fundraising went well and on behalf of myself and my partner I wish to thank you and your group for not only doing your bit for such a worthwhile cause but for making so many people happy this afternoon. Keep up the good work and please pass on our thanks to your people who gave their time so willingly to entertain us all.

God bless you all
Greg and Carol O`Leary

Presenting the cheque to James Flaherty, on behalf of Help for Heros

Help the Heros

Presenting the cheque

Presenting the cheque

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Irish Guards Singers at Morrisons

Irish Guards Singers at Morrisons

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